Saturday, February 13, 2010

A year today and 10 things

It is one year today since I arrived on the Fatal Shore. The Fatal Shore Mike arrived two weeks earlier and we planned my arrival so that I could be here for Valentines Day. Being newlyweds and all...that heady sense of romance and adventure was still running strong. So here are 10 things I've learned since we arrived. 1. Australia is gorgeous, still plenty wild, and still it must be said, a land of real opportunity. I remember taking a river cruise in the first couple of weeks and the captain talking about how many fortunes have been made here. I was skeptical, but having seen how it works for the last year I believe it. I don't know how many times since we've arrived that we've looked at each other and said "man - if we could get the franchise or concession to do xxxxx, we could make millions here!". 2. Being a woman of leisure is great, in limited quantities. Pursuing entertainment and/or housework as a career does eventually pale. Now I freely admit that having worked for the last five months I'm ready to take off again and play - plan some road trips and see more of the countryside. But it's that whole 'balance' thing. Just enough work and just enough play makes life very sweet. 3. The Randalls produce section will probably never look appealing again. Preservative free fresh foods are the best. Sure you have to shop all the time but yum. 4. Living with views of water is the best daily therapy ever. Even Mike is convinced. 5. Apartment life has its frustrations along with benefits. Love not having to handle maintenance and free access to amenities but hate living with the restrictions. And lets not even discuss the irony of "Sounds of Silence" thundering through the ceiling again. 6. Living in walking distance to stores, cafes, and about 10 different kinds of ethnic restaurants is the bomb. 7. Seeing the Indian Ocean is always a thrill. Every single time. Hundreds of times. Incredible clear blue water, whales, islands, waves, surfers, beaches. 8. Australia politics, economics, news reporting, and social concerns are just as weird as those in the US. And being unplugged from US politics, economics, news reporting and social concerns is a refreshing break. Plus it appears that Big Brother watches closer in Australia than in the US. Slightly unnerving. 9. One can actually come to miss rain! 10. And that heady sense of romance and adventure? Still running strong :-)


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